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Forthcoming titles

I don't comment much here about soon-to-be-published titles, but the Spring 2011 catalog of Houghton Mifflin really got my attention, particularly:

+ Ward Just's latest novel, Rodin's Debutante (p. 10 of the catalog), which returns to Ward's hometown of Chicago. His last Chicago novel, An Unfinished Season, was simply terrific.

+ What There Is to Say We Have Said: The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and William Maxwell (p. 27). Two great writers practicing the now-anachronistic art of letter-writing.

+ Steve Earle's debut novel I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (p. 49), which imagines the life of Doc Ebersole and his doomed patient, Hank Williams. I've always admired Earle as a musician, and look forward to his writing. Yes, I'm already aware of his previous story collection Doghouse Roses (I even appropriated the title for a microfiction piece that was published a few years back) but never got around to reading it. The novel's premise sounds intriguing, so for my literary introduction to Earlie I think I'll start there.

I'm tempted to request a review copy of the Welty/Maxwell book, but given that Just and Earle are both still alive and kicking (and need to put food on the table) I'll probably buy those retail and financially support their continued literary efforts.

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