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Jason Pettus is really pumping up the volume. His Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP), besides running its trademark arts commentary, is also ramping up its publication efforts, with my great friend Ben Tanzer's latest, 99 Problems, raking in widespread praise from inside and out of the literary community. It's a book that even Ben (a relentlessly prolific writer) admits probably wouldn't exist without Pettus pushing/prodding him.

Now Pettus is delving deeper into live events. In what I believe is CCLaP's second official event, Pettus is renting out Stage 773 in Lakeview for a conversation with Nathan Rabin, head writer of AV Club. The event is next Monday night, and includes none other than Ben Tanzer as the opening act, reading a new movie-themed piece which, from what I've heard, is quite funny and likely worth the admission price all on its own. Should be a very interesting evening.

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Are you going?

Posted by: Julie at Nov 22, 2010 2:20:33 PM

Hey man, not sure if we will see you there, but big thanks for the shout-out.

Posted by: Ben Tanzer at Nov 28, 2010 12:23:33 PM