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Pub for sale, affordable price, inconvenient location


Ah, to be independently wealthy. The Old Forge, Britain's most remote pub ("reachable only by an 18-mile hike through tumbling Scottish wilderness, or a buffeting seven-mile boat trip from Mallaig") is up for sale.

"I've decided to stop pouring pints and start drinking them," says Jackie Robertson who, with her husband Ian, owns the place. It's on sale for offers over £790,000 but cash alone won't guarantee a sale. "We won't be selling to anyone who won't keep its spirit alive," says Jackie. "All the interested parties have been customers. They understand the culture of the place: good food, good music, good people."

And I'm guessing that not only does everybody know your name, but also most of your personal history, in embarrassingly fine detail.

(Via Coudal.)

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