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Farewell to an icon

The deceased, 1979-2010

Sony to stop making Walkman cassette player

As with all things technological, I was very late to the Walkman game, not getting my first cassette model until around 1990 or so. (Then again, throwback that I am, I still own it.) I suppose a lot of people expressing similar farewells online will go the obvious route and invoke the New York band the Walkmen, but I'll be more obscure with this bit from Yo La Tengo's "Paul Is Dead":

Walking on 10th Street
The guy in front of me
Walkman headphones on, Stones cranked
The thing that caught my ear, singing loud and clear
Every couple of steps I heard, "Woo-woo"

I believe the Stones song in question is "Sympathy for the Devil." Regardless, anyone from that era who remembers those foamy, sound-leaking Walkman headphones will undoubtedly remember this phenomenon well.

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I didn't realize Walkmans were still being made. I must've owned half a dozen of those things, with those poofy headphones, before the Discman became affordable. I can't even remember the last time I saw a cassette tape. But with all things being cyclical, I bet the format makes a comeback in 20 years. So hang on to your Walkman.

Posted by: Brandon at Oct 29, 2010 1:07:00 AM