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Aleksandar Hemon, Love and Obstacles

In his latest story collection Love and Obstacles, Alexsandar Hemon works through many of his now-familiar themes: immigration, identity and a search for belonging. He also continues his obsession with the Bosnian War - the leadup to the war, the war itself and its aftermath - and its devastating impact on his characters. But he also develops a new theme, that of artistic expression, as his narrator - aspiring poet as a teen, fiction writer as an adult - strives to become the artist he's always dreamed of while confronting the pitfalls of the artistic life. (Admittedly, Hemon may have explored this theme before, but this is the first time I've really been aware of it - and I've read all of his books.) As always, Hemon's storytelling is compelling, gripping and emotionally moving, and his prose (especially those characteristically oddball metaphors) is rich and inventive. This is yet another outstanding work from Hemon, one of our finest living writers and one of my personal favorites.

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