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William Walsh, Questionstruck

William Walsh's Questionstruck is a strange book. The subtitle says it all: A Collection of Question-Based Texts Derived from the Books of Calvin Trillin. Indeed, Walsh has methodically extracted all of the interrogatives from Trillin's first 25 books. Sometimes, when Trillin's questions were grouped closely together, the passages read easily, but when the questions were more spread it was much harder to comprehend. But even in the latter case it was intriguing to read. More than anything else, this reads like an extended advertisement for Trillin's entire career, which as a big fan of the writer I have no problem with. Indeed, Walsh's book has whetted my appetite to read even more Trillin, particularly Runestruck (which awaits on my shelf), Floater (an early novel which I've learned is available in my local library system) and Remembering Denny.

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