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Ander Monson, Neck Deep and Other Predicaments

Just finished Ander Monson's essay collection Neck Deep and Other Predicaments, in which the writer thoughtfully examines his intriguing past and the mundane commonalities of his everyday life - car washes, disc golf, Lake Michigan ferry boats, card catalogs. And snow - not the gentle, powdery flakes that grace Christmas cards or bring multimillions of tourist dollars to ski resorts, but the heavy, punishing blankets that bury Michigan's Upper Peninsula under 250 inches every winter, bringing isolation and claustrophobia and making snowmobiles as common as (and more essential than) automobiles. Anyone who enjoyed the inventive structure and quiet depth of feeling of Monson's wonderful fiction debut Other Electricities are strongly encouraged to check out this essay collection. And if Neck Deep happens to be your first exposure to Monson and you found yourself moved by it (and particularly by "I Am Thinking Of Snow"), then you will definitely love Other Electricities as well.

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