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Nelson Algren, Never Come Morning

I'm rather late in announcing this, but my essay "For Some, Morning Never Comes" (on Nelson Algren's second novel, Never Come Morning) has been published at the Irish online journal dogmatika. I wrote the piece last summer as part of a planned "Algren Week" which would coincide with the author's birthday, but after publication was delayed for a while I kind of lost track of it, and then apparently my RSS reader must have dropped the site's feed since I never saw that the essay had been posted. But now I finally see that it's up, and I'm quite pleased with the results, as well as the editor's inclusion of two vintage photographs of Algren, both of which I believe are by Art Shay.

Although it seems that Algren Week didn't quite materialize as planned, dogmatika does have another concurrent Algren piece, "An American Nightmare: The US Versus Nelson Algren", by Darran Anderson (no relation) that's also worth checking out.

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