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What I Listened To While I Raked Yesterday

With a heavy nod to GE, here's my playlist from yesterday's leaf-raking. I specifically selected the first song (which I purchased earlier in the day) but all the rest are from random shuffle play.

Morrissey: "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"
I was never much of a Morrissey fan in the day - the relentless woe-is-me misery always put me off - but I'm developing a late appreciation for his music. This song even makes a brief appearance in my novel Wheatyard, so I figured I should finally own it. (from Your Arsenal)

Scruffy the Cat: "Ticket to Ride"
Great live cover of the Beatles classic from one of my alltime favorite bands. (Live recording at Newbury Sound)

Ted Leo: "The High Party"
Solo version of the great song from Hearts of Oak which proves Leo could easily become a successful subway busker if the economy really tanks. (from the Balgeary EP)

Joel R.L. Phelps and the Downer Trio: "Hope's Hit"
One of my favorites from this particular album, whose lyric "as blown as the barflies" directly inspired one of my microfiction pieces. (from 3)

R.E.M.: "Gardening at Night"
In many ways R.E.M. never really topped their first three records, of which this EP was the first. Timeless. (from Chronic Town)

Pavement: "No Tan Lines"
A real hoot: "You will be my candy striper/Junior leaguer, bedpan wiper/Convalesence, enema essence/I live to be gray/I live to be gray!" (from the Shady Lane EP)

Morphine: "The Other Side"
Mystical and spooky, this is the very first Morphine song I ever heard, on Champaign's great WEFT circa 1992. (from Good)

Sebadoh: "Everybody Has Been Burned"
Though I'm a longtime fan of Sebadoh, I only just now heard this one for the first time, as Jason Behrends included it on the mix CD ("Where Were You in '92?") that he compiled and bundled with Ben Tanzer's latest novel. (from Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock)

Pavement: "Wanna Mess You Around"
Parental note: Malkmus never actually sings "mess", but instead a rather blunt word which begins with the letter F. Maybe as punk as Pavement ever got. (from the Shady Lane EP)

Lou Reed: "The Last Shot"
Reed's narrator finally gets clean, yet regrets not having exited dissolution with more of a bang. (from Legendary Hearts)

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: "Come Baby Come"
Unlike most of Leo's extended jams, this one does not descend into dissonant anarchy. (from Treble in Trouble)

Tom Waits: "Never Let Go"
Considering I have the entire second disc ("Bawlers") of Orphans loaded up, it's surprising that shuffle didn't serve up Waits much earlier. This one's a beauty, quite majestic and lovely, sort of like "In the Neighborhood" as a love song. (from Orphans)

Tom Waits: "Danny Says"
A touching lament from a musician stuck out on the road. (from Orphans)

Bob Mould: "Heartbreak a Stranger"
The prettiest song on Workbook, and possibly the jangliest Mould has ever been. (from Workbook)

Tom Waits: "Young at Heart"
Shuffle play quickly makes up for lost time. One of two covers I'm aware of on the "Bawlers" disc (the other being a boozy "Goodnight Irene"). (from Orphans)

The Feelies: "The Good Earth"
Jangle rock at its very finest. (from The Good Earth)

Bob Mould: "The Silence Between Us"
More Mould, this one post-Sugar. Good stuff, though it seems he might never reach the musical heights (or emotional abyss) of Husker Du again. (from The District Line)

The Pixies: "Where Is My Mind?"
Another one from Jason Behrends. I'm quite glad to have this one in its entirety; years ago a friend made me a tape of the Matter of Degrees soundtrack, and "Where Is My Mind" was the last one on the side, and the tape sadly ran out before the song ended. So I had never heard the complete song before. (from Surfer Rosa)

Joel R.L. Phelps and the Downer Trio: "Give Me Back My Animal"
Another lovely song from a very fine album: "this year winter's come with autumn missing." (from 3)

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Hey Pete,

I enjoyed the homage. There are a couple of bands on the shuffle I've really been into lately too: The Feelies and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Also, I don't know Joel R.L. Phelps or Scurffy the Cat, so I'll be checking those out. But most importantly - - you must have a huge yard! Or a ton of leaf-bearing trees!


Posted by: GE at Oct 28, 2008 11:18:13 AM

Big yard AND lots of big trees. And I only did about a quarter of the raking that was needed.

Posted by: Pete at Oct 28, 2008 2:07:53 PM