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Psyching up

As I mentioned earlier, I'm resuming NaNoWriMo this year, after taking a hiatus last November. I will be reviving a concept I came up with a few years ago for a work of fiction based on Morphine's final album, The Night. The story has been in the back of my mind all this time, so I've decided to give it a month of serious writing to see if there's anything material there. I'm doing so despite being fully aware that Wheatyard needs yet another round of revisions that I haven't started in on yet, but then again I'll only be doing The Night for a month to see what, if anything, materializes. After that, back to Wheatyard.

So now I'm mentally preparing myself for the new book, and gladly immersing myself in all things Morphine. Since every one of the band's albums will figure into the plot, last weekend I downloaded the band's debut, Good (their only studio album that I hadn't already owned), and have been avidly listening to it this week on my new iPod. (Quick assessment: though it's generally thought of as a formative album for the band, as a whole I think it's better than either Yes or Like Swimming.) And this weekend I'm ripping my CD of Cure For Pain onto the iPod - in my story, that album is the one that hits the protagonist like a ton of bricks when he first hears it, much like it did to me, back in 1993. I'll be wallowing in Cure For Pain in the next few weeks, trying to re-experience those first feelings of discovery all over again, and then hopefully I'll be able to translate them into my prose.

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