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"Coterminous Nationhood"

Richard Grayson just might be onto something. From his "17 Fragments in Search of a Story":

Grandma Tutie is going to Israel. Grandpa Schnitz is going to Palestine. They are both going to the same place.

Because of pressure exerted by OPEC oil ministers, it has been decreed that the two nations of Palestine and Israel shall exist in the same space simultaneously. Now there is no more war in the Middle East. Everyone can go about his or her business. Nationhood is all in the mind.

At a séance, I contact the spirit of my dead buddy Fritz O'Day. Fritz says he hopes the idea of coterminous nationhood will spread. Then people like him will not have to invade places like Cambodia anymore. People like Fritz can be put to better use rounding up pre-teen hoodlums and forcing gasoline down their throats.

I ask Fritz what being dead is like.

"It's all right," he tells me. "It's better than being in the army."
The story is part of Grayson's collection Highly Irregular Stories, which I just finished this morning and will review here soon.

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