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Political sight gag


Yesterday's book exchange brought a good laugh, when I came across the two books shown above. In case you can't see clearly from the photo, the two books at the center are See, I Told You So by Rush Limbaugh, followed by Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations by Al Franken. At first I thought it was wonderful bit of coincidental serendipity - perhaps the gods commenting on the proper political order of things - and had just as commented as such to Julie when one of the event's volunteers overheard me and said he set those two books up that way intentionally, saying something about wanting idiocy (Limbaugh) to be followed and countered by rational thought (Franken). Finding that the books' arrangement wasn't accidental didn't bother me, though - it was comforting just to know that even in conservative-leaning Will County, a liberal like me could find another kindred spirit.

I just wish I could have found one of Bill Bennett's pompous and self-righteous tomes, and inserted it after Franken's book, so Bennett (that virtuous scold who lectured society on all of its wrongs for decades before finally admitting to a gambling addiction) could be followed by the next book in the photo - something called Super Casino.

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There's a collage/cut-up project in there for the ambitious.

Posted by: Glenn I at Sep 19, 2008 12:40:23 AM