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That forever-elusive heap of bounty

"Some of these days He'll bust loose with a heap of bounty and all us poor folks will have all we want to eat and plenty to clothe us with. It can't always keep getting worse and worse every year like it has got since the big war. God, He'll put a stop to it some of these days and make the rich give back all they've took from us poor folks."
- Erskine Caldwell, Tobacco Road

It's been 76 years, Jeeter, and we're still waiting for that.

Just started this book this morning, and am liking it so far. Caldwell comes across a bit like a concise and to-the-point Steinbeck.

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Have you read his short stories, Pete? Great stuff.

Posted by: ed at Aug 26, 2008 3:42:41 PM

On your word, Ed, I'll definitely add Caldwell's stories to my list. Thanks for adding to my to-read pile - it had been in serious danger of slipping below the 200-book mark.

Posted by: Pete at Aug 30, 2008 7:35:29 AM