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Writing Update - The Engine Driver

Well, that didn't last long. I've decided to set aside The Engine Driver for a while. I still haven't resolved the dilemma I mentioned earlier - how an untrained farmboy could conceivably build a functioning steam engine out of salvaged parts, all alone, in the winter wilderness. Though I have a few ideas on how to handle that question, I decided to move past it and work on the story beyond that point. But the story just wouldn't come alive for me - though I wrote ten or twenty more pages, the narrative seemed flat, lifeless and uninspired - and I realized this even while I was writing it. I toyed with the idea of continuing to write out the entire story in such skeletal form, and then go back later to flesh it out. (Pardon the metaphor.) But I'm aware enough of my writing habits - three unfinished novels so far, and dozens of unfinished stories, all of which I've long meant to resume working on but have failed to do so due to the distraction of new projects - to realize that such a skeleton first draft, even if I were to ever complete it, stood a strong chance of being set aside and never resumed.

I questioned the purpose of continuing to work on it, and decided it didn't make sense to do so. So for the time being, I'm filing away The Engine Driver in my Maybe drawer. As in: Maybe if inspiration strikes and I find a better way to write the story, I'll start it up again. But for now I'm moving on to other, and hopefully better, things.

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