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The pleasant way to read James Patterson

Here's a truly inspired exercise - reading the latest James Patterson "thriller", but just the last line of each chapter.

Then we began reading just the last sentence of every chapter. They were all very--cue scary music--DUN DUN DUNNN!! And the more we read, the funnier they got.

Naturally, we decided that they needed to be collected.

So I typed up a list of the last line of every chapter in the book. And the amazing thing was that the story actually made sense this way.

I would like to personally thank Steph at Natural/Artificial for her exemplary and invaluable act of public service - thanks to her efforts, I will never bother reading even one of Patterson's books. I think I already have the gist of all of them, past and future.

(Via Judge a Book By Its Cover, where readers weigh in with their favorite of Patterson's last lines.)

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