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Ska's not just for grownups any more.

If this doesn't get the kids to tidy up, then nothing will.

Seeing this reminds me of back when my daughter Maddie was a toddler, and was enamored of a TV commercial which had the Specials' "Monkey Man" as background music. (Can't remember what the product was.) I owned the Specials CD on which that song first appeared, so I cued up that track for her to hear. She seemed to like it at first, but then became increasingly intimidated by the volume I was playing it back at on the stereo. By the time I made the mistake of switching to another tune (probably something like "Gangsters"), the novelty had completely worn off for her. Julie, being the much more sensitive and sensible parent of the two of us, tensely called across the room that I was scaring the poor little girl. Deservedly chastised, I clicked off the stereo, and kept the volume at a reasonable from that point on.

(Via Boing Boing.)

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