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Same old New Yorker

From The Millions: over the past five years, 32% of the short stories published in The New Yorker have been written by just 14 authors: William Trevor, Alice Munro, Tessa Hadley, Haruki Murakami, Thomas McGuane, T. Coraghessan Boyle, Roddy Doyle, Louise Erdrich, Lara Vapnyar, John Updike, George Saunders, Edward P. Jones, Charles D'Ambrosio and Antonya Nelson. Fine writers all, of course, but their predominance in that magazine's pages all but screams out for more variety.

Which also screams out for the submission of quirky stories to that literary bastion by low-profile writers everywhere, as originally clarion-called for by J. Robert Lennon and dutifully passed along here. Fellow peons, get writing!

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14 major writers making up 1/3 of the material over a 5-year span doesn't scream for anything, besides maybe acknowledging that they are fine, and consistently fine, authors. 2/3 of the magazine could be unknowns for all this statistic says.

don't get me wrong, I think the NYer is boring too.

Posted by: Daniel at Jan 8, 2008 8:23:38 PM