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"I am not a go-getter, I've never been a go-getter. What's more, I don't even want to be a go-getter. I'm very happy right where I am. I'm sick of all these people saying 'Peterson, you gotta push', 'You gotta get ahead', 'You gotta make that goal.' I don't even want to make the goal, Diane. I want to be a bench warmer. The world needs bench warmers. If there were no bench warmers, what would we have? Cold benches. A lot of cold benches and the world does not need that, Diane. I'm very happy with being an anonymous cog in this field of work...I'll tell you something else: Norm Peterson may be a motionless lump, but he's a damn good one."
- Norm Peterson

January 16, 2008 in Television | Permalink