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One Sentence Movie Reviews: Tin Men (1987)


Tin Men (1987): The arrival of age and career don't necessarily bring happiness and security.

Notes: Barry Levinson follows up his excellent Diner with another film set in early 1960s Baltimore, this time with star power (Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Devito) instead of the earlier film's younger, relative unknowns. In the later film it's as if the Diner guys were shifted ahead a generation, while staying in the same place and time - they gain careers and marriages and houses-with-mortgages while staying insecure, unsatisfied, unable to communicate with women and generally unahappy. Devito is wonderful here in all his typical tightly-wound comic fury (the scene where he prays in front of the salad bar is absolutely priceless) but Dreyfuss' lothario-turned-romantic doesn't quite click. The conclusion is also a bit flat and anticlimatic, bringing an unsatisfying end to what promised to be a very fine film.

(Thanks to Kevin Smokler for the "one sentence movie review" concept.)

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