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The Newgrange Tomb

This is quite amazing. The Newgrange Tomb (which I first heard about last night on NPR) is an ancient Celtic burial mound in the north of Ireland which was ingeniously built with a long passageway that is illuminated along its entire length by sunlight only at the Winter Solstice. Bear in mind that this technological feat was accomplished 500 years before the Egyptian pyramids and 1,000 years before Stonehenge. Awesome, particularly coming from supposedly "primitive" tribes.

Tourist demand to visit the tomb on the Solstice so far outstrips capacity (according to the story on NPR, 28,000 people applied this year for only 50 available slots) that this year a live webcast will be available from inside the tomb so that everyone can experience it online. The webcast starts today at 8:30 A.M. GMT.

Oops. Now that I've done the time zone conversion from GMT, it looks like the live webcast is over already. But it looks like the webcast is archived here, which I can't view at the office but am very much looking forward to viewing later at home.

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