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First Lines Meme

Let the year-end recaps begin. Although I haven't been formally tagged, I saw this meme on Kate's Book Blog and realized I hadn't indulged in a meme post in a while. So here it is: the first line from the first post from each month of the past year.

January: In what is surely the result of some bizarrely devious link-clicking bot whose purpose I can't even begin to fathom, my story "Ectoplasm" was the most-downloaded story at Storyglossia during 2006.

February: She came home from college one day and announced, from out of nowhere, that she was quitting school.

March: The Writer's Almanac from Minnesota Public Radio notes that today is the birthday of an unusually large number of notable poets (Lowell, Wilbur, Nemerov, Hass) but it's this item that really grabbed my attention:

April: The other day I was saddened to discover that Naperville's charming Bookzeller (which I've lauded here previously) has closed.

May: Now that I've finally started to read Atonement (thus giving my wife one less reason to doubt my literary taste and/or sanity), I can finally pass along this link that I've been sitting on for the last few weeks: the trailer for the film adaptation of McEwan's acclaimed novel.

June: The Spring Books Special issue of the Chicago Reader includes my short review of Aaron Petrovich's very fine novella, The Session.

July: I'm currently reading Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio and am enjoying it quite a bit.

August: Does Bob Mould have a book inside of him, eager to emerge?

September: Like many small industrial cities of the early 20th Century, Joliet was home to a handful of automobile manufacturers, very small outfits which were destined to last only a few years.

October: Once again, it seems that the Illinois Department of Transportation, or IDOT, needs one more "I" in its name.

November: BibliOdyssey: Amazing Archival Images From the Internet, from the truly amazing website of the same name.

December: "A large gleaming machine with an opening at one end was wheeled in, and once again the cycle ran its Micronite Filter."

Let's see: self-promotion, a short story, admired author, indie bookstore, movie trailer, self-promotion, book excerpt, admired musician, local history, political rant, book lust, link to someone else's blog. Yes, that pretty much encapsulates Pete Lit.

So now, to follow standard blog protocol, I'm tagging three others with this meme: Julie, Tim and Ed.

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