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Writing in Progress

New to the list:
Scent of Wild Onions is a story collection based very loosely on Lou Reed's New York album, with each story inspired by a single line from each song on the album, and with the venue shifted to Chicago. However, this project could quite easily be removed from the "Writing in Progress" list very soon - the first story, "Washington Heights", materialized with little effort, but the second, "Pilsen", has been stalled for a few weeks as the initial burst of momentum faded. I think I'll get the latter story finished off and see if I find any potential for a third story - and if not, I'll probably ditch the whole thing and move on to something else. ("Washington Heights" does, however, have some salvage potential.)

"The Copper Responds" is a short story that directly responds to Cory Doctorow's story "Printcrime". I had been thinking about this one for a few months, and when I finally started writing (on the train home Wednesday night), it all quickly fell into place, and I finished the first draft early Thanksgiving morning. I'll publish it here once it's finished.

Still on the list:
My novella Wheatyard (now moving toward its third draft) is still on the list, and likely will be for another year or so. Even if I'm not actively working on it, the book will never be far from my thoughts, so in a way I'll be working on it even if I never touch a pen or computer. Julie read the whole second draft in one evening, really liked it and had a few very good suggestions for improvements which I will definitely be implementing in the next draft.

Removed from the list:
For now, I'm removing the story collection This Land Was Made for You and Me and the novella The Engine Driver. I'm sure I'll revisit the former off and on over the years, so maybe it will someday materialize in finished form, or maybe not. The latter was a concept that came to me suddenly but that I only generated a few ideas for - pretty good ones, I think, but not nearly enough to compel me to plunge headlong into serious writing. Again, this story is something I might return to if inspiration somehow strikes.

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That collection based around Lou Reed is a kick-ass idea, man. Kudos. Glad to hear Wheatyard is still working for you.

Posted by: Nick Ostdick at Nov 25, 2007 11:01:14 AM