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Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

This is probably the first time I've ever said this in my life, and will be the last time as well, but here goes: Damn, I wish I lived in Los Angeles. Sure, the fires and mudslides and smog and impossible traffic and incomprehensible real estate prices wouldn't be at all pleasant, but at least I could have been on hand to witness Ted Leo and the Pharmacists AND the Pogues. What an incredibly inspired pairing.

November 3, 2007 in Music | Permalink


It's been about 13 days since you wrote this... Hopefully you've realized your desire to live in LA was a fleeting moment of insanity.

Posted by: tim at Nov 16, 2007 12:50:30 PM

It was indeed fleeting. In fact, had I been there at the time, it would have dissipated completely at the exact moment the Pogues left town.

Posted by: Pete at Nov 16, 2007 3:43:06 PM