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Obama on the Chicago Bears

See that? It's Obama that's a uniter and not a divider because, outside of the Grossman and Griese families, plus Lovie (The glass is not only half full, it's overflowing, in fact it's at least two glasses!) Smith, I think pretty much the entire country agrees with his politely blunt assessment.

SCARBOROUGH: I hate to ask you the tough question right off the top, but it has to be asked. What the hell is wrong with the Chicago Bears?
OBAMA: We've got a quarterback problem.
SCARBOROUGH: You do have it. You've got a Rex Grossman problem.
OBAMA: Don't you play quarterback? We're looking for one.
SCARBOROUGH: Yes. Well, Rex Grossman ain't it, is he?
OBAMA: Rex isn't it. And, you know, Griese is not proving to be the savior.
OBAMA: So, in fairness to them, you know, I think our offensive line isn't too great either, so we haven't given them much protection. But, you know, we're looking for our Tom Brady.

You really have to appreciate a presidential candidate who isn't afraid to get in an honest dig at his local football team.

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