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For the Love of Poe

Philadelphia stakes its claim to Edgar Allan Poe ("while living in Philadelphia, Poe wrote the bulk of his greatest work"), while a proud Baltimorean (is that the right term?) fights back in her city's defense. Poe lived in the Bronx for a while, too, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a New Yorker join the fray. If I had even a shred of evidence that Poe had a fleeting literary thought while standing on Chicago's swampy soil, I'd gladly put in a dubious claim for my hometown, but alas...

(Via Sarah Weinman.)

October 4, 2007 in Books | Permalink


Around the corner from where I used to live, the alternate street name for West 84th Street in Manattan is Edgar Allan Poe Street (or perhaps Place). (The original sign in the 1970s or early 1980s misspelled "Allan as "Allen.) A plaque on the northwest corner of 84th and Broadway reads:

Upon this site formerly stood the BRENNEN MANSION in which resided from March 1844 to August 1845
and here during such residence he produced and gave to American literature and to immortality
in commemoration of the poet and of the person this tablet is placed MCMXXII by The New York Shakespeare Society

Posted by: Richard at Oct 4, 2007 12:27:15 PM

Thank you, New York. How about you, Richmond? Boston, any comment?

Posted by: Pete at Oct 4, 2007 2:45:41 PM