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It's been brought to my attention that I hadn't posted to the blog in a while, so much so that the person in question was concerned for my well-being. Rest assured, all is well. Trouble is, my desk setup in my new office (wide-open cubicle with zero privacy) makes posting damned near impossible. I can barely get away with reading other people's blogs as it is - I have to make a conspicuous effort of only reading blogs while eating lunch at my desk, as if to say "Hey, stuffy employer, if I went out to lunch I'd be out for an hour. I'm giving you a break by brown-bagging my lunch at my desk, so cut me some slack on me reading a few blogs while eating my PB&J."

For the indefinite future - at least until I find another job - my posting will largely be confined to a few posts on the weekends, with the rare midweek post. If you haven't heard from me here in a while, drop me an email or something.

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Damn cubes. Good to have you back though. If only briefly.

Posted by: Ben Tanzer at Oct 31, 2007 12:07:34 AM

a common misconception about english language haiku is that they must be 17 syllables. in japanese 17 onji are
needed. onji are much shorter than english syllables. the rule of thumb is that 10 to 15 english syllabes suffice. of course if one can write an english language haiku in 17 syllabes gracefully, well that's fine too.
ed markowski

tunnel of love...
our tongues adjust
to the darkness

drive-in movie...
opening our eyes
during the love scene

wrong number
but we discuss our children

here's a 17 syllable poem...

up from the minors
his eror in slow motion

Posted by: ed markowski at Nov 3, 2007 7:08:04 PM