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Restoring habeas corpus

Alright, Democrats, do you really want to prove you're the party of progressive change? Do you want to make your hard-fought Congressional election victories of 2006 truly meaningful? Then make this happen. Harry Reid, show that you're capable of real leadership and not just a dissenting mouthpiece, and make this happen. Hillary, Barack, Chris Dodd and the rest of you, get the hell off the campaign trail and your narrow, self-interested ambitions and get back to Washington and make this happen.

The Military Commissions Act was one of the worst of the Bush Administration's many harmful initiatives, one which was rammed through Congress by Constitution-shredding Republican majority and a compliant Democratic minority. If you can take a stand on anything, Democrats, then take a stand on this. Show what you're really made of.

All of you, show that there's more to you than just blustery but empty rhetoric. Make this happen.

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Thank you for bringing attention to this.

Posted by: the individual voice at Sep 17, 2007 5:18:44 PM