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Writing in Progress

New to the list:
I've just started to mentally sketch out a novella called The Engine Driver, which will be set in the Wisconsin wilderness near the end of the Civil War. The story is inspired by steampunk without actually being steampunk per se - it will be very much grounded in realism, with little or no sci-fi/fantasy elements. I just finished reading the second issue of SteamPunk Magazine, which I greatly enjoyed (more on this soon) and which is really stoking (pun intended) my imagination. And I just bought a new composition book to write my first draft in, which is always a sign that I'm getting serious.

Still on the list:
I'm halfway through the second draft of The Wheatyard Chronicles, and am already foreseeing the need to refine the narrative to focus even more on the title character and less on the first-person narrator (which is loosely based on myself).

I've kind of set aside the story "The Fable of the Small 'Suburb' Which Aspired to Be More Than It Was", and might have to remove the story from the list for a while. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this one. I've pretty much been writing it on the fly, without any definite idea of how the story will be resolved, or even which characters to focus on. This might be one of those story ideas that collapses and is swept into the Dustbin of Good Intentions.

Removed from the list:
I finished a flash fiction story called "One Evening in St. Paul" for this contest at Eximious Press. Alas, the story just missed being shortlisted, garnering a special Honorable Mention. (The editor really liked the story, but I'm guessing it was too long, at more than twice the requested word count.) I'll post the story here over the weekend. The story is nothing earth-shattering, but it's a gentle little piece that I really enjoyed writing.

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