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Writings Here, There, Everywhere

Three items for your weekend reading pleasure:

My friend Andrew Ervin has a new short story, "Self-Portrait", published at Oxford Magazine. The story is a sharp piece of metafiction which suggests that the narrator might have a viable career as an art thief, should his writing career not materialize as hoped. (Just joking: between his fine stories and bounteous book reviews, he's already firmly established himself as a writer.)

Aleksandar Hemon, one of my very favorites, penned a lovely essay, "Sarajevo Is", for Habitus: A Diaspora Journal. Clearly, Hemon may now be a Chicagoan, but his heart will always remain firmly lodged in Sarajevo. I've really been hankering for a new Hemon book for several years now, but for the time being I guess I'll just have to keep slaking my thirst with the occasional story and essay from him.

Lastly, the ever-worthy and indefatigable Largehearted Boy has branched into posting guest reviews of music-related books. First up is Jody Chromey's review of Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story by Laurie Lindeen, wife of Replacements legend Paul Westerberg and former guitarist of Zuzu's Petals. Sounds like the book has its moments but overall is less than fully satisfying.

(Hemon link via Ready Steady Book.)

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