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Save Lake Shore Athletic Club!

An unsolicited letter to Alderman Brendan Reilly, of Chicago's 42 Ward:

Dear Alderman Reilly:
I strongly encourage you to support the preservation of Lake Shore Athletic Club. The building is an absolute treasure and a beautiful throwback to a bygone era which should be saved and cherished, not demolished to make way for yet another anonymous condo tower. For far too long real estate developers have had the upper hand, and in many cases the only hand, in Chicago and particularly in the Loop and Near North areas. Surely if the prospective developer of this property is intent on building a condo tower, there has to be a parking lot or at least a less important existing building to replace, even along Lake Shore Drive.

In addressing the subject of Lake Shore Athletic Club, please honor the balanced approach to development-versus-preservation which was such a key component of your successful aldermanic campaign this year.

Pete Anderson

June 2, 2007 in Chicago Observations | Permalink


I cannot believe how stupid this city (Chicago) is... Coming from New York, I have learned how a city can have new structures and old ones co-exist with eachother. Chicago on the other hand just seems more apt to demolish everything over about 50 years old and build new buildings over those older structures instead of building new buildings on all of its open areas that are currently being used as parking lots or just vacant fields with garbage blowing around in them. Rather sad in my mind.

Posted by: Jim at Jun 6, 2007 9:44:51 AM