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No Country for Indie Publications

Punk Planet's impending demise has been getting plenty of mention, but just this week I received a letter from Other Voices which announced that the journal's next issue will be its last, after 23 years in print. The editors didn't cite any specific reasons, though it's safe to assume it's the usual suspects: a limited audience for literary short fiction, a crowded marketplace, lack of funding (the journal didn't have financial backing from any university, which seems to be critical for long-term viability these days, although the University of Illinois-Chicago did provide free office space). And on top of that, the new issue of Poets & Writers has a piece by H. Perry Horton of Ellipsis…Literary Serials and Narrative Culture and an interview with Herbert Leibowitz of Parnassus: Poetry in Review, both of whose journals are ceasing publication as well.

Strange days, indeed.

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