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The New Baby

No, it's not at all what you might think. Instead, the baby is this:


I picked this up last week at a garage sale in Joliet. It's a Mamiya C33 Professional medium-format, circa 1966-69. Other than an aperture ring that won't budge off of f4, it appears to be in perfect working order. (And I can deal with that minor inconvenience -- I'm sure it can be fixed, and it's not like the shutter is stuck on 1/2 a second or anything like that.) The woman I bought it from said it was her husband's, and he inherited it from his uncle (the same "Ed Deeter" who is so wonderfully immortalized on the label which you can see beneath the lower lens) who was a professional photographer of some sort. I love the fact that I know the camera's provenance -- it makes my own ownership seem that much more meaningful, as if I'm maintaining a legacy. The family I bought it from are moving and getting rid of all their unessential items, but even at that the woman said she was surprised her husband gave the camera up. Me too -- it's a beauty. Even if it wasn't operable, it would be quite lovely as a display item. I've long toyed with the idea of collecting vintage cameras, and this one is a nice start. It's also particularly fitting that my two SLR's are Mamiyas, both from the early 1970s.

Oh, and best of all, it only set me back $15.

Prowling garage sales is a lot of work, but sometimes it reaps wonderfully tangible benefits like this one. And intangibly, garage-saling is always nice, too, since it's a family activity that the three of us always enjoy together.

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