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New Adam Rapp Story

Joliet native Adam Rapp has a new serialized story, "That Time When All the Sad People Came and Stayed at My House" up at Five Chapters. The story will appear in five installments this week, one per day.

This morning I believe my life took a subtle but tectonic shift when I realized that I hadn't taken the robe off in nine days. I smell like the attic, or maybe the attic smells like me. One of the strange symptoms of even the mildest form of agoraphobia is that it gets more difficult to distinguish between personal and household odors.

The appearance of Rapp's story reminded me that I've been remiss in mentioning the Powell's review of his new novel, The Year of Endless Sorrows. Nutshell: they loved the richness of his prose, but not so much the plot. Still, sounds like a pretty good read.

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