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Thrift Store Booking

Joliet may not have many book store options (just a B&N and a small used book store) but one thing it does have is a plethora of thrift stores -- all of which, I'm pleased to report, have piles and piles of cheap used books. There's a Goodwill, of course, but also some very good local charity shops (MorningStar Treasure Chest and St. Vincent DePaul). Surprisingly, there's no Salvation Army.

Anyway, my chronic book-buying compulsion means I can never resist the book section of the thrift stores for more than, oh, about two minutes after walking in. Today at Treasure Chest (our favorite on all fronts -- merchandise, prices, friendly staff) I picked up Andrew Patner's I.F. Stone: A Portrait: Conversations with a Noncomformist, which looks fascinating. (And only set me back fifty cents.) I discovered Stone only recently, after reading an article ("Celebrating a Media Maverick") in Utne, which now has me intrigued about the man's life and writings.

During our thrifting jaunt today I also saw, but passed on, W.G. Sebald's Rings of Saturn, Irene Zabytko's The Sky Unwashed, and Andre Dubus III's House of Sand and Fog, to name just three. I like the idea of buying books from thrift stores, since the books are cheap and buying there supports a good social cause. I encourage you to check out your own local thrift store soon. You may be surprised what great reading you'll find.

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The book about Stone sounds like a most interesting purchase. I've had very good luck with book buying at thrift stores myself. I'm beginning to think that I must live in a very literary neighbourhood as my local Goodwill never fails to tempt me with more promising titles that I can carry home.

Posted by: Kate S. at Jan 6, 2007 10:10:01 PM