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The Bafflingly Enduring Appeal of "Ectoplasm"

In what is surely the result of some bizarrely devious link-clicking bot whose purpose I can't even begin to fathom, my story "Ectoplasm" was the most-downloaded story at Storyglossia during 2006. Sure, several dozen of these downloads were my own, as I clicked through repeatedly in January and February to quell my doubts during my "I can't believe I finally got published" phase, but since I haven't done so since at least March, the story's continued popularity has me completed baffled. I mean, it's a decent story, but let's face it -- it ain't exactly Chekhov or Carver.

My thanks go out to everyone who read the story, and another special thanks to Steve McDermott for accepting the story. Its publication finally got the ball rolling for me, and lead to a pretty successful year of placing my stories. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going this year.

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