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Chicago's Indie Bookstores

Newcity Chicago posts their independent bookstore guide. Plenty of my favorites -- both old friends and new acquaintances -- are listed, including Quimby's, Bookman's Alley, 57th Street Books, Powell's Books and The Book Cellar. With the suffocating market dominance of the big chain stores during the past decade or so, it's easy to forget what a vibrant indie bookstore community still exists in the city. This list was quite a pleasant reminder.

(Just one nitpick: Brent Books is no longer in business, having been replaced months ago by a generic discount bookstore.)

Update: Prompted by Colin, who left the comment below, I checked into this further. Brent Books is still in business, as I explain here. Thanks, Colin!

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pete -- i mentioned this on gapersblock just now!

Posted by: SR at Jan 26, 2007 4:26:58 PM

Um, this isn't true. I work at Brent Books - You probably should check with the store in question before posting something like this!

Posted by: Colin at Jan 31, 2007 12:02:35 PM