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50 Word Stories

I'm very pleased to announce my first paid writing publication, which comes in a very unusual venue. Le Méridien, a unit of upscale hotel chain Starwood Hotels, has launched a marketing initiative called "50 Beans, 50 Words" to promote its partnership with Illy Coffee. Illy's espresso is made with just 50 beans, so Le Méridien came up with the idea of soliciting 50-word fiction stories from a wide range of writers, each of which will be individually published on small cards to be handed out to customers to read while drinking their coffee.

Le Méridien has accepted five of my 50-word stories ("This Time", "Someday", "Roses", "Awake" and "Incarcerate") which will soon be appearing on the cards in their hotels, and can also be read on their website, which they're hoping will become "somewhat of a literary salon for this genre of literature." Though the Flash setup prevents me from linking directly to my stories, click on "50 Words" here, and then "Browse", and my stories should appear as numbers 27 through 31 in the series.

Le Méridien discovered my writing at 55 Words, which recently published my (55-word) story "This Time", which I subsequently revised to meet Le Méridien's 50-word requirement. Since the hotel's corporate policy prevents them from linking to any external sites (they couldn't even link to mine), I'd like to take this opportunity to give an extra special thanks to Rosemary Mosco and Anca Szilagyi of 55 Words for giving my writing such invaluable exposure.

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Hi Pete,

I stumbled on your blog doing a Kafka search, I found your Arrival story from ’05 and started nosing around. I’ve been looking for a place to send my 55 word stories since the supposed 55-fiction originator, San Luis Obispo New Times founder and publisher Steve Moss died a couple years ago, Thanks.

I like what you're doing. It’s nice to see someone with out an MFA getting published. I have been needing a boost, and now that the semester is almost over maybe I’ll touch up a couple of the stories that I have been sitting on and get them in the mail.

I’ll be dropping in to see what’s going on. I’d love it you stopped by my blog at thatsourdad.blogspot.com.

Posted by: SourDad at Dec 13, 2006 8:48:51 PM