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Progression, Then Regression

From James Meek's marvelous The People's Act of Love:

For the first time I heard the sound of artillery in the distance. People always say it is like thunder but thunder stops. All night there was a coming and going of slow, heavy trains, full of men and shells and animals, I supposed: I could not see them, I heard their groaning and shrieking and hooting and the sound of hooves, wagon wheels and marching. And they were using aeroplanes! Remember, Anna, we went down to the flying field with Alyosha to watch the aeroplanes take off and disappear into the heavens. I thought they were marvellous things. I thought when I saw the sun reflect white off their wings so high up in the blue that man was getting somewhere, that a new kind of time was beginning. Now they are using them to drop bombs.

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