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OV Books Bash

Gina Frangello of Other Voices/OV Books announces the following shindig:

I want to make sure everyone knows about the second annual OV Books Bash this Sunday, September 10, at the Bad Dog in Lincoln Square, 4535 N. Lincoln, at 7pm. There will be food, drinks, 3 readers (Kate Milliken, Billy Lombardo and Mary Cross) and even two bands. All that and not even a mandatory cover (the suggested donation is 10 bucks, but if you're flat broke we still want you there!)

Kate Milliken is in from Los Angeles, so of course we want to show her that Chicagoans is really STILL the "second city," no matter what the population boom of LA may indicate. And this is the first OV event organized by our newish Associate Editor, Marina Lewis, whose huband Matt owns the Bad Dog--so if you have ANY affiliation with OV (read for us, send to us, publish in us, subscribe to us), Marina wants to meet the whole OV family and wants me to let you know that she expects to see you there.

Though I'm technically a member of the OV family, as a short-term subscriber and story rejectee, I'm kind of that third cousin who nobody knows ("No, he's Aunt Gert's youngest son, remember? The one who got kicked out of Stevens Point?") and only shows up at the family reunion to scam a free meal. However, I'm unable to attend this Sunday, but I encourage all of you other local litkids to do so.

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