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File Under: Least Competent Criminals

Behold this police blotter gem from the Joliet Herald-News. Absolutely, positively no comment is necessary.

One easy arrest

CREST HILL — Sometimes cops pursue criminals, other times they just present themselves for arrest. A deputy speaking with patrons in the parking lot of a tavern on Sept. 10 saw another man sitting in a car look in his direction. The man got out of the car, walked over to the deputy and gave him his drivers license.

The deputy asked why the man had given him his license and the man told him he thought the deputy had wanted to see it. The man also told the deputy he had no connection to the patrons the deputy had been speaking with.

The deputy took the license and saw a satchel on the front seat of the man's car that appeared to have a "large bag of cannabis" sticking out of it.

After placing the man in custody, the officer removed the satchel from the car and found two loaded handguns under it. The satchel also contained several rocks of cocaine, a mushroom-like substance, pills, pieces of paper wrapped in foil and a digital scale.

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