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Booking San Francisco

Last week I spent a few days in San Francisco for a professional conference/company-paid boondoggle. Between all the scintillating discussions of corporate credit management, perfunctory glad-handing, superficial conversations with people I'll never talk to again, and ingesting far too much expensive food and drink, I didn't have much spare time to see the city.

However, I did find half an hour to have a drink with the inimitable Ed Champion, whom I had never previously met in person. I was pleased to discover that the smart, loquacious, affable persona he projects on his blog and podcasts is pretty much the same way he is in real life. We had a too-brief conversation about our shared love of literature, during which he politely prodded me towards finally finishing writing the two novels-in-hiatus I've allowed to languish, deftly countering the weak excuses I've come up with for doing so. I've taken his words to heart, and maybe they'll be the impetus I've been lacking. Let's hope.

Due to time constraints, I had to decline Ed's invitation to show me City Lights Bookstore. But earlier I did check out two other fine independents--Stacey's Bookstore, where I picked up Laila Lalami's Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits (which I didn't think was out in paperback until October) and Shalom Auslander's Beware of God, and Alexander Book Company. Stacey's was particularly notable for its impressive range of literary journals--all the heavyweights, of course, but also three copies (!) of Court Green, the poetry journal of Columbia College Chicago, and Ballyhoo Stories. Quite impressive.

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you almost have to go back just to soak in city lights....

Posted by: SR at Oct 1, 2006 8:31:03 PM