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New Nick Hornby Arriving Soon...

McSweeney's is putting out a new collection of Nick Hornby's monthly "Stuff I've Been Reading" columns from The Believer. (By the time my Believer subscription ran out last year, Hornby's columns were pretty much the only reason I still read the magazine.) It's called Housekeeping vs. the Dirt, and it ships within the next week or two. As always, the columns chronicle Hornby's ongoing struggles to read as many books as he buys, along with his wonderfully unpretentious commentary on the books he manages to read. There's no excerpt on the McSweeney's site, but their email update included the following gem:

I picked up Candide because my publishers sent me a cute new edition, and though that in itself wouldn't have persuaded me, I flicked through it and discovered it was only ninety pages long. Ninety pages! Who knew, apart from all of you, and everybody else? A ninety-page classic is the Holy Grail of this column, and when the Holy Grail is pushed through your letter box, you don't put it on a shelf to gather dust. (Or maybe that's exactly what you'd do with the Holy Grail. Is it ornamental? Has anyone ever seen it?) Anyway, I have now read Candide. That's another one chalked off...

I really enjoyed Hornby's last collection, The Polysyllabic Spree. And with this new one including columns I haven't already read, I'm looking forward to it even more than I did Spree.

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I also enjoyed spree... and am looking forward to this collection of columns.

Posted by: SR at Aug 29, 2006 5:41:35 PM