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Tournament of Tunes - Update #10

Apologies...I've finally gotten my shite together and finished off the third round of the Tournament of Tunes, with Mudhoney knocking off Bad Religion in what was undoubtedly a battle unsuitable for family viewing. Now at last we move on to the regional finals...

Elvis Regional
Built to Spill - Untrustable Part 2
Ted Leo - Loyal to My Sorrowful Country

Jerry Lee Regional
Morphine - Whisper
Scruffy the Cat - You Dirty Rat

Johnny Cash Regional
Joel R.L. Phelps - God Bless the Little Pigs
The Pixies - Debaser

Carl Perkins Regional
Camper Van Beethoven - Sweethearts
Mudhoney - No One Has

Interesting mix of players there; it's worth noting that only two of them are artists I've discovered during the past ten years. There's also an undeniable handful of personal favorites whom purists might scoff at still being in the running, while numerous huge names (Mission of Burma, Yo La Tengo. etc.) have long since gone home. To those people I simply say, get your own tourament.

I humbly apologize to anyone who dozed off or otherwise lost interest during my inexcusable hiatus. I promise I'll pick up the pace from now on. I hope you still enjoy my self-indulgence, or at least tolerate it.

As always, brackets here, play-by-play here and previous recaps here.

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