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Pavich on Nuclear Plant Security

John Pavich is running for U.S. Representative in my home district, challenging our incumbent Bush/Hastert toady, Jerry Weller. Echoing Senator Barack Obama, who has similar concerns about chemical plants nationwide, Pavich has spoken out about the insufficient security of nuclear plants in the district.

"As a counter-terrorism officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, one of my responsibilities was to anticipate acts of terrorism and to act preemptively against them," Pavich said at a press conference Monday at Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area in Morris overlooking Dresden Nuclear Power Plant.

"In the course of this campaign and in my travels through the district, it has become clear to me that our nuclear plants and reactors are unnecessarily vulnerable to a terrorist attack."

Pavich is running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Jerry Weller, R-Morris. He noted that the 11th District has the largest concentration of nuclear power in the country, with three plants and six reactors.

"The people in nearby communities have a right to know about the nature of these risks and whether everything possible is being done to protect them from harm," he said, explaining that more can be done.

I certainly share his concern--I cringe at the thought of our area nuclear plants being underprotected just for the sake of a few dollars on the power company's bottom line. Pavich is saying all the right things, and I definitely like what I've seen of him so far. I like his chances in November.

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