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Don't Mess With Da Outfit

FoPL Kevin Guilfoile is collaborating on a new group blog, The Outfit (A Collective of Chicago Crime Writers). Joining him are Sean Chercover, Barbara D'Amato, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Libby Hellmann, Sara Paretsky and Marcus Sakey.

What you’ll find here is a little different. We’re not here to share publishing tips or debate industry news. We’re not going to delve into marketing or the ins and outs of author appearances. Other people are doing those things, and doing them well. So instead, we’re going to focus on what we love most.

Telling stories.

Stories about crime and justice and revenge. About the highs and lows of writing for a living. About Chicago, glorious and soiled city of bright marquees and dark divisions.

Though I don't read much modern crime fiction--my tastes in the genre lean toward Jim Thompson and the classic noir writers--this should still be an interesting diversion.

(Via Gapers Block.)

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