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Clearer Heads Prevail in Louisiana

On behalf of literary people everywhere, Governor Blanco, you have my sincerest thanks.

Louisiana governor rejects state poem on grounds of insufficient 'literary merit'

The verse in question:

"I Love My Louisiana"
by James Ellis Richardson

I love my Louisiana
She's so colorful in her history
So majestic in her pride
With beauty unsurpassed
Like any other of its kind.
She seems to be like a soulful mate
That stands here by my side.
This brings me special confidence
To know that she is mine.
I love my Louisiana
With all her charms and queenly ways
Yet she blushes when in bloom.
God's sunshine surely kissed her
For He blessed her cup so full.
You can even feel her radiance
On her rainy gloomy days
For you know that on the morrow
The sun will clear the haze.
I love my Louisiana.
I propose this toast toward her
With my meager pen in hand.
I somehow feel so primitive
To her majesty so grand.


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