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Northwestern Summer Writers' Conference

My enrollment has been confirmed for the Northwestern Summer Writers' Conference, and I'll be participating in the following next month:

Telling Stories: A Writer's Journey
Alex Kotlowitz

Image as Story
Peggy Shinner

What drives a story? Moves it forward? In this class, we will examine the possibilities inherent in imagery to energize and unify a work of fiction. We'll discuss the relationship between description on the one hand and imagery on the other; generate and share some images that have unifying potential; and explore how imagery can become the architecture of a story-that is, imagery as a vehicle for shape and structure.

The Short-Short Story
Deb Olin Unferth

This intensive workshop will focus on writing the short-short story, that playful, provocative form that exploded during the twentieth century and continues to be a vehicle for unique approaches to narrative, form, and style. The short-short is often treated merely as a shorter short story or as poetry without line breaks when, in fact, it attempts something altogether different and so could be considered its own form. In this generative workshop, we will look at and practice techniques such as use of innovative structures, ways to build conflict and tension in a small space, repetition, deletion of excess, and more. Students will emerge with first drafts of their own and new and stimulating ideas about short-shorts.

The two workshops may not be taught by the big names from last year (Joe Meno and Barry Silesky), but I think both will be much more focused and beneficial to my writing. I've gotten much more interested in the short-short story lately, and think that workshop will be particularly rewarding. And, of course, hearing Kotlowitz speak will be quite a treat.

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Will you only be there thursday?

I am attending Friday and Saturday but I have not gotten a confirmation email yet...hmmm.

Posted by: Michael at Jun 16, 2006 11:34:01 AM