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Victor Krummenacher

I thought I'd pass along a few words of appreciation about one of my musical faves, Victor Krummenacher. He's best known as the bassist and co-founder of indie rock legends Camper Van Beethoven, but I've found his solo work to be thoroughly rewarding in its own right. While CVB often comes across as sarcastic and smart-alecky (in a good way, mind you), Victor's work is considerably more serious, poignant and heartfelt. He veers far from CVB's typical world-music-on-pureé palette, focusing instead on a very pleasant roots rook vibe. I recently picked up his 2000 release, Bittersweet, which is now unfortunately out of print. (In fact, I bought the very last copy that the record label which he and fellow CVBer Jonathan Segel founded, Magnetic, had in stock.) Looking online, it appears that Aquarius Records still has it in stock, so head there if you interested in buying. Which you should be--I've been enjoying the album immensely.

The label's promo copy sums up the album pretty well:

On his heartfelt new album Bittersweet, Victor Krummenacher tells it like it is, like it should be and like it never was. In his third (and so far best) solo album, co-founder of Camper Van Beethoven and Monks of Doom, Victor Krummenacher, takes the stage with his best friends around him and his heart on his sleeve. This labor of loves lost and found finds Krummenacher in fine mettle, with eleven tales of affairs of the heart that range from country-inflected ballads so sweet they’ll linger on your tongue like grandma’s cherry cobbler, to intense folk-rock and pop tunes that frame Krummenacher’s strong songwriting and authoritative singing with an engaging sound that is rich and polished but never precious.

Magnetic has five MP3s from Bittersweet available for download, all of which effectively represent the album as a whole:

Not Coming Back
Radio Tower
Bust in a Boomtown
Maybe A True Love

Magnetic's catalog page also has MP3s from his most recent release, Nocturne, which I have not yet heard in its entirety.

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