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Newspaper Mottos

Just came across this wonderful collection of newspaper mottos.

"No Tombstone is Complete Without Its Epitaph"
Tombstone (Ariz.) Epitaph

"Independent But Not Neutral"
Colebrook (N.H.) News and Sentinel

"It Still Screams"
The Mountain Eagle

"Covers Dixie Like the Dew"
Atlanta Journal

"If You Don't Want it Printed, Don't Let it Happen"
Aspen Daily News

"Good Paper, Good Ink, Good Work and Prompt Delivery"
Osceola (Ark.) Times

"The Only Newspaper in the World that Gives a Damn About Yerington"
Mason Valley News, Yerington, Nev.

You can see more by clicking here...keep hitting the refresh button, and see the mottos change in the top banner.

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One of the great slogans old Oakland Press days has really come true.
"The only paper in town"

What a gift the Oakland Press got from the Detroit papers and also the Journal.

Posted by: ed noble at Jun 1, 2009 2:23:24 PM