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Homeland Insecurity

My, this certainly isn't encouraging. Nor surprising.

9/11 Panel Issues Poor Grades for Handling of Terror
by Philip Shenon, New York Times

WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 - The members of the Sept. 11 commission gave dismal grades to the Bush administration and Congress on Monday in measuring the government's recent efforts to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil, concluding that the government deserved many more F's and D's than A's.

The commissioners awarded the grades in a privately financed "report card" that found that four years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the nation remained alarmingly vulnerable to terrorist strikes, including attacks with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.


"We have taken significant steps to better protect the American people at home," said Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman. "There is more to do. This is the president's highest responsibility."

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I couldn't help noticing that McClellan didn't say, "This is the president's highest priority."

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